Trevor Dale

Trevor's mother, Jessica, tells his story

I am writing to share my story with others. I too live with a daily fear of meningitis.

On September 8, 1997, my four month old baby boy, Trevor Dale, almost lost his life.

Early on Sept. 6th my husband, two-year old son, Trevor and I started out on the road from Kentucky to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Trevor and I were in my car and my husband and older son were driving a Uhaul. As the trip progressed that day I noticed that Trevor started to have a discharge coming from his eye and he would not open them. We cut the trip in half and stopped in St. Louis to spend the night. I could not get Trevor to take a bottle. He began to run a slight fever and I spent the entire night up with him fussy and not able to sleep. 

The next morning we proceeded on our journey to Tulsa. The day went with us stopping frequently for me to check Trevor's temperature and wipe out the drainage from his eyes. By this time I was getting very concerned. We managed to arrive in Tulsa and check into a hotel there. I immediately looked in the phone book top locate the nearest hospital and paediatrician so I could get Trevor into a doctor the next morning. That night passed with Trevor remaining to have a low fever and he actually sleep through the night for the first time ever.

I awoke at 4 a.m. realizing that Trevor had not woken up for his midnight feeding

I immediately jumped out of bed.

My husband felt the bed shake and was right behind me. We discovered that Trevor was very blue and without hesitating I jumped up and rushed to the closest hospital, which just happened to be St. Frances Children's hospital. I pulled up at the emergency room and ran inside with Trevor limp and grunting in my arms.

The attending nurse noticed Trevor's color and jumped over the desk to retrieve him in my arms. Within ten minutes of my arrival to the Hospital doctors had whipped him up to the PICU and put him on a ventilator. It would be hours before I knew what was going on. Finally I was told Trevor had a form of bacterial meningitis.  

Days later cultures would reveal nesseria meningitis. We spent a couple of months in the hospital. Trevor had to have a complete blood transfusion and many months of recovery. It was two years before he actually had a normal life again. Trevor is now 8 years old. He was one of the lucky ones. He is very healthy and has minor problems from the disease. It was a long road, but you can recover.

A very thankful mother!
Jessica Thomas

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