Ryan Kohler

I contracted bacterial meningitis my freshman year in college.

It was the last day of school and I had slept over in one of my friend's rooms and was going to help her move out the next day for Christmas break. After I got home in the morning the symptoms started; they didn't cease until I was in the hospital at around 2:00 am that next morning in a coma.

I was hospitalized for about 11 days but luckily came out with no after effects. I know today that I am very very lucky to not have anything wrong with me, but I know that I'm even luckier just to be alive.
Ryan Kohler

It really made me see how much there is to life and most of us don't know it until we're in a situation when we could easily lose it to a simple strain of bacteria.

Today I'm a junior at the same university and have been trying to educate fellow students and others on just how careful we have to be with our bodies.

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