Kaitlyn's parents, Jeff and Lisa, tell Kaitlyn's story

We, also thankfully are the parents of our beautiful little girl, who just turned 2, Kaitlyn.  On Mother's Day, of all days, Kaitlyn continuing to show the effects of a 4 week long cold, became very sedate and was very clingy to my wife. On that Sunday evening she went to bed with a little bit of a fever, remaining very sedate and not exerting any of her normal full of life energy. The following day she began vomiting early in the morning, and it got to the point where she was not even able to keep down water, and as a result we took her to our family doctor. He examined here and saw the beginnings of an ear infection, and thought just to be safe that we take Kaitlyn to the ER to ensure that she wasn't too dehydrated.  

Our first trip to the ER the Monday afternoon culminated with the ER doctor providing her with Gravol to settle her stomach, which following a brief return to our home and continued vomiting, was not the answer. So back to the ER we went that evening, where another doctor in the emergency room thought she wasn't that sick and that we should just take her home and continue to try to give her fluids. Prior to getting sent home for the 2nd time a wonderful nurse continued to push the doctor to provide her an IV for fluids and then we were sent home again.

Early Tuesday morning is when we knew something was very wrong with our little girl.

She awoke screaming in pain and was non-responsive to my wife and myself trying to get her attention. Back to the ER we hurried. Following a brief period in the ER we were moved into the Pediatric Ward where she was quickly diagnosed by the doctor as having meningitis.  With her stiff neck, and bent legs, he was quick to diagnose and quick to complete the lumbar puncture to find that she had bacterial meningitis. The week that followed was an emotional roller coaster for my wife and I, watching our little girl hooked up to an IV and to a monitor for her vital signs. Mysteriously they were unable to find any bacterial organisms from the spinal fluid, and we were crushed when the doctor believed that perhaps she may have an abscess on her brain. Fortunately following a CAT scan, everything looked clear and from there our active little girl began to "come back to life."

As it turned out, during our first visit to the ER the doctor had prescribed antibiotics to treat Kaitlyn's ear infection. We had given her 2 doses of the medicine prior to coming back to the ER for the 3rd time, and the pediatrician believes that this may have been instrumental in ensuring that she wasn't in more grave danger, and why they could not find any organisms in the culture.  

Remember that you know your child better than anyone else, and that when you know something is wrong, always continue to find someone to listen and to look out for your child's best interests.

Thank you,
Jeff, Lisa, & Kaitlyn Beck

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