I am a nine-year-old special needs child diagnosed with multiple disabilities.

My story is a courageous one.

I was a high-risk premature infant and was born at 31 weeks gestation weighing 3-lbs. 1 oz. All appeared to be well. I was hospitalized for one month. I returned to the hospital at 2 1/2 months because my Mom thought something was wrong. Knowing that premature infants were subject to contracting meningitis she brought me into the hospital. The nurses thought I had a fever from my recent immunization but Mom thought it needed to be checked out further. I was assigned 1 and 1/2 hours later to a very astute doctor who ran the tests for meningitis. I was diagnosed with Pneumococcal Meningitis at 2 1/2 months (in fact gestationally I was only 2 weeks old). I stayed in the hospital for three more weeks. I finally gained weight leaving the hospital at exactly 6 lbs. 

The rest of the journey was tumultuous; I was hospitalized one more time for RSV (brochiolitis) and suffered another bout the next year resulting in Cold Air Induced Asthma. Developmentally everyone thought I was just having a rough start and would catch up. It took a lot but I made some gains.

At age three when I still was walking improperly the Neo-natologist decided to do a spinal X-ray. It revealed I had a mild form of Spina Bifada Occulta. I was referred on to a really sharp neurologist who decided that further investigation needed to be done quickly as he had serious reservations about my development. I had my first CT Scan at 3 and 1/2 years of age; it was then that they discovered I had had a cerebral hemorrhage to the right frontal lobe sometime during or just after my birth, which had gone undetected. Upon further investigation by my neurologist more questions than answers started to arise.

At age 4 Mom decided to videotape me because my Nursery school aide was a little concerned about my physical development and other types of behaviors. Upon viewing the tape the Neurologist revealed that I might have Tourettes Syndrome with Associated Disorders. They needed to wait and see what further developed. To this day my brother and I have been diagnosed with Tourettes Syndrome. I have now officially been diagnosed with Multiple disabilities consisting and resulting in: Tourettes Syndrome with ADHD, Mild Autism, Mild OCD, a very mild form of Spina Bifada Occulta and Static Encelopopathy of the right frontal lobe which is essentially Cerebral Palsy. I also will always have cold air induced asthma. Although my development has not been smooth sailing (I have resulting CAPD, double whammy ADHD, dyslexic type reading difficulties, a genetically inferred anomaly to my fingers and toes as yet diagnosed) with the help of some very determined and optimistic people I have retained a great sense of humor and a perseverance that is astonishing. I am a happy loving somewhat capable young man that makes people smile because life is great and worth smiling about.

Mom Dad and Big Brother love me unconditionally, to them I am an inspiration and a daily chuckle. Life with me will never be boring or dull.

My perspective on life compliments of Mom,

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