On July 31 we where very happy parents of a very health 7lbs 12 oz's baby girl.

She was a little stubborn in the nursing which ended up being a good thing. Around 3:00am on August 3rd the nurses took Katelyn to check her weight, etc. At around 3:45 am I was woken from my sleep to be told I needed to come down to Special Care nursery.  I was also told to call my husband.  We found out later that morning that she was diagnosed with Bacterial Meningitis.  We were shocked and were told that the next 24 hours where critical.  She was two weeks early and had contacted a kidney infection which caused the meningitis.

 She was to stay in the hospital four three weeks and had to under go hearing tests till she was five.
1 in 5
Individuals affected by Meningitis live with permanent damage
Of vaccinated children are protected against Meningitis

I am glad to say that she is a very health almost thirteen old and her hearing is fine.  Her fever was way too high and that was their only concern's.  The staff at the Red Deer Hospital where awesome during this whole ordeal. It was scary and I know how you parents feel especially when they are so very young like our daughter was when diagnosed.

Thank you Christy, Mike and Katelyn Dodd

Mike & Christy Dodd
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