Gail Mills

My story begins in May of l996 I contracted viral meningitis.

It happens so fast!

At first just feeling like flu symptoms then it hits you & within hours are in the emergency room. The headache is unbearable, vomiting, neck & back pain is excruciating.

Doctors can only give drugs to try & make you a little more comfortable. This lasted for almost five weeks & then are faced with trying to get strength back to be able to go on with daily activities & then try to get back to work. Total length of time from start to returning to work 4 months.  

I thought everything was gone & done but in April of 2006 Guess what came back - Viral meningitis - it was exactly the same all over again, lasting 4 months from start to finish.
In June of 2007 here we go again - yes it came back once more - I just cried & said to my husband my worst nightmare is back AGAIN!!!!!!!  Only this time it was not as severe as the other 2 - the vomiting, violent headache, & severe back & neck pain lasted 3 weeks instead of 5-6.

I am now 53 years of age & don't know how much more of this i can take. Each time it leaves me weaker & weaker. I am so tired all the time, my back & neck are always sore, my eyesight becomes worse, basically everywhere the spinal fluid flows gets weaker each time. I am currently off work now & have been since June 23, 2007. At this point I am trying to just do some daily activities in hope to build up strength, possible in about another month may try to go back to work?

Nobody seems to have any answers as to why I keep getting it back. My reason for writing this story is in hopes somebody somewhere can help to find out why it keeps coming back & is there anything that can be done to help stop it???????

Signed frustrated,
Gail Mills
Chatsworth, Ontario
N0H 1G0

1 in 5
Individuals affected by Meningitis live with permanent damage
1.2 Million
People are affected by Meningitis globally

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