Ashley's father, Dan, tells her story.

Right after my daughter, Ashley's,1st (first) birthday, she became very lethargic and unresponsive to the environments around her, and 'us.' She seemed to have no energy at all, and she made an odd grunting sound (as if something was stuck in her wind pipe). She was also projectile vomiting and had a very high fever. My wife and I brought Ashley into a clinic where we were told that 'our daughter' simply had a cold and it would pass.
However, the next day, it became worse. We went back to the clinic where a nurse, and another doctor, examined Ashley. Again, we were told it was a cold that would go away.

However, that second night was the worst for us.

We went to emergency room at Children's Hospital in Vancouver.

We quickly discovered that our daughter had meningitis (after a spinal tap). For ten long days and nights it did not look good for our one year old. I prayed to the heavens on the tenth night to save my little girl, as I was informed a second spinal tap was about to be given to Ashley. I wrote a poem to God (such is me), asking for assistance.

Oddly enough, upon my arrival to Ashley's room, I discovered my daughter to be 'sitting upright in her moms arms, eating and calling out my name,' Dada, 'just' as the doctors were coming in to get Ashley for her second spinal tap. The doctors were very confused, as they thought they had the wrong patient due to her (the patient, Ashleys), obviously alert senses and responses.

Needless to say, it was the worst ten days of my life (and my wifes). Ashley is well now, and is nine years old, but we were told to 'watch' for difficulties that may be a result of her bout with meningitis. What scares me is that meningitis is so much like the flu, or common cold, that doctors did not recognize it, and how 'full' that ward was with other children who had meningitis. I'm grateful to have my daughter with me, and fully appreciate discovering this website of yours via a commercial run on television.

I am more alert 'now' than I ever was, and pray that others too will realize just how 'silent' meningitis can 'come out of nowhere.'

I did write a poem of thanks to God (such is me), and now, years later, I find myself writing an email of thanks (going out there to the net), to all those people whom assisted me and my family, and whom are now trying to make aware 'others' of how serious the dangerous of meningitis are. Thanks to you 'all,' each and everyone.

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