Born April 3, 1983, Died March 2, 2001

On February 20th 2001, Steff started to complain about a headache.

We thought nothing of it because a month before he had a really bad ear infection that also caused headaches (that infection had gone away after the doctor gave him antibiotics). It got much worse in the next few days.

He had tremendous pain and stiffness in his neck and he was vomiting. So on Monday the 26th we went to see a doctor. She told him that he just had muscle spasms and so she gave him muscle relaxers. He tried them and they did not take away any of the pain.
Joelle Larabie

28th of February was our one year anniversary. He came to my house even though he was sick but his condition was not getting any better. I took care of him the best I could that night. The day after I went to his house after school. That evening he slept a lot. Before we went to bed he asked me to put some muscle relaxing cream on his neck, and I did. Steff woke up at 2:00am and told me his neck hurt. I told him I could not do much. At 6:35am I woke up and I could not hear him breathe (he was facing the other way) I touched his back and it was cold, so I touched his stomach to see if it was warmer but it was not. I looked at his face and he was blue, he had a bit of blood that ran from his nose. At this point I had a gut feeling it was too late.

We tried our best when we were doing C.P.R. The ambulances came and there was nothing they could do because he had been dead for a couple of hours.

To this day I ask myself if I could have done more. But it's too late.

So now this is why I want to part of this foundation. Because no one should have to go through what I had to go through.

Joelle Larabie
Russel, Ontario

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