MacKenzie Carey Clough

My name is Mary Clough and I live in Muskoka, Ontario. Our family lost our eldest daughter MacKenzie Carey Clough to meningitis on February 26, 2005.

She was attending Sir Sandford Fleming College in Peterborough, Ontario.  Macey (MacKenzie) called home  early in the morning on February 25/05 and asked if we could pick her up from school because she wasn't feeling well enough to drive herself home.  She said she had the chills late Thursday night and threw up a few times.

My husband and I drove down to get Macey and arrived at the school around 11:30 am. Macey was looking pale just like she had the flu. I drove Macey in her car back to Bracebridge while she slept in the passenger seat. When we arrived in Bracebridge around 2:30 pm I asked Macey if she was able to drive herself home. I had a meeting to attend and that I would meet her at home later. Macey drove to our home which is about 30 minutes away and went to bed. Cassey our youngest daughter arrived home from school at 3:45 pm and checked on Macey and asked if she needed anything. She said "No" and went back to sleep. When my husband got home he checked on her around 5:00 pm to see if she needed anything and asked if her neck hurt. She said she didn't need anything but that her neck did hurt a little.

I arrived home around 6:00 pm and unpacked the car of groceries and then checked on Macey.

She was asleep and I woke her up because she had thrown up on the carpet and I asked her if she needed a drink and a bucket. She looked dazed like she had no idea what I was talking about. I knew something was wrong so I called "911".

They got here around 6:45 pm and took our girl to the South Muskoka Memorial Hospital. They worked on her with everything they could trying to stabilize her enough to go down to St. Mikes in Toronto.

The ambulance left Bracebridge around 12:30 am and got Macey to St. Mikes as soon as they could. My family then left to go home and would rest for about 30 minutes. We then headed for St. Mikes at 1:30 am. When we arrived at St Mikes Hospital we were escorted upstairs where Dr. Hemens told us that our daughter Macey didn't make it. He told us that they did all they could.

I just needed to tell you what happened to our girl. Macey was 19 years old!  No one had mentioned to us that she should have meningitis shot before going off to college. I think the shot should be offered to all students just like Hep A&B shots.
Mary Clough

I hope my story will help you convince the government that every one should have meningitis shot no matter the cost.

I was also wondering if you had any support groups that might help our family through this time of grief?

Mary Clough

Of Bacterial Meningitis cases occur between the ages of 14-24
1.2 Million
People are affected by Meningitis globally

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