Survivor Stories

Here is where you can send your story about your experience related to meningitis. Send us your story to and we will review it and post it on this page. 

Some of the people here have suffered through meningitis without any after effects. Others still carry its scars. But they all survived and their stories may inspire others to endure or their families to hope.

Ernest's brother tells Ernest's story.
Tara's sister, Tiffany, tells Tara's story.
Sherry's sister tells Sherry's story.
Tianna's mom tells her story.
Hi! My name is Gaynor Baker I was born in Cardiff Wales, UK. I had meningitis when I was 18 months old.
Nicholas' sister tells Nicholas' story.
Avery's mother tells her story.
Eric's mother, Donna, tells Eric's story.
I contracted bacterial meningitis at age 11 (October, 1996). I was at an early Halloween party at a friend's house and I wasn't feeling well at all.
Victoria's parents tell her story.