In Memoriam Stories

Here is where you can send your story about your experience related to meningitis. Send us your story to and we will review it and post it on this page. 

These stories are of children and young adults who have died of meningitis and septicemia. Over and above the common cause of death is the speed, the moments it seems, between the first symptoms and last breath and the extraordinary need to be more aware of this disease. The stories are here to help survivors - parents and grandparents - deal with the aching grief and to ease the suffering of others with the knowledge that they are not alone.

A Grief Journey

Read A Grief Journey shared with permission from Sandy Peckinpah..

On March 14, 2002 my son came down with flu like symptoms.
Where do I begin to tell you about my beautiful son Matthew?
September 20,1975 - March 18, 1999
This is a story about my sister who fought a long hard battle with a killer.
This is a story about my 16 year old son David.
June 12, 2003 - October 3, 2003.
On November 5th 2003 it will be two years since we lost our little Sofia to pneumococcal meningitis, she was 14 months old.
I gave birth on Sept. 21st, 2010 to a healthy baby girl, her name is Madelynn.
Our Nightmare... She woke up Wednesday, October 13th, as normal. Such a happy baby girl, smiling away & so excited to see me.
My daughter Makayla M. Schull lost her life to it. She was 10 months old. This is her story.