In Memoriam Stories

Here is where you can send your story about your experience related to meningitis. Send us your story to and we will review it and post it on this page. 

These stories are of children and young adults who have died of meningitis and septicemia. Over and above the common cause of death is the speed, the moments it seems, between the first symptoms and last breath and the extraordinary need to be more aware of this disease. The stories are here to help survivors - parents and grandparents - deal with the aching grief and to ease the suffering of others with the knowledge that they are not alone.

A Grief Journey

Read A Grief Journey shared with permission from Sandy Peckinpah..

My name is Maxine Roteliuk and I have lost a daughter from meningitis.
May 23, 1989 - December 3, 2000 On December 1, 2000 my daughter got up to get ready for school. She complained of having a sore throat.
If I sit down and attempt a formal story I will never do it. I have only just begun this past summer to begin to grieve the death of my son. He died April 28, 1978. I had never heard of meningitis…
Edward Joseph Bailey "Eddy" was born in Clarinda, Iowa to Phillip J. and Gail F. Bailey. He arrived at 12:01 a.m. and he was 8 lbs. 8 ounces. His older brother is Brett James Bailey, and…
My name is Mary Clough and I live in Muskoka, Ontario. Our family lost our eldest daughter MacKenzie Carey Clough to meningitis on February 26, 2005.
Today, December 31, 2008, my sister, Shirin would have turned 30 years old.
December 23, 1980 - April 27, 2007 Colin was a young adult with many friends and many passions, ranging from cooking to the Dalai Lama to the Canucks.
Born April 3, 1983, Died March 2, 2001 On February 20th 2001, Steff started to complain about a headache.
Jan 3, 1987 - Jan 29, 2009 Our daughter Jessica was a petite fun loving, daredevil. She could keep up with the boys in any sport going, yet still dress up and go to the ball as the beautiful…
July 6, 1983 - September 11, 2000 Tomorrow will mark a year since I lost my cousin. I thought I would look up on the information about the disease, and I stumbled about this site. I read all the…